MDM is dead, long live EMM

Constellation Research:

MDM is dead and it’s been dead for a long time. It no longer makes sense as a product and businesses have begun to finally realize it and not buy into the hype. The fact that it has become the household name for the technology to manage mobile is just sad. The good news, at least if you like acronyms, is it’s now been replaced with a new acronym, EMM or Enterprise Mobility Management. It’s much simpler to talk about EMM than it is to say you’ve moved from MDM Mobile Device Management to MAM Mobile Application Management. Let’s not leave out the other acronyms that have a place in this alphabet soup of technologies that companies are trying to sell you. MCM, MIM, TEM, DRM, IRM, if it has three letters in it, chances are someone has included it in this unending black hole called EMM.

App-Empfehlung: Sicheres Messaging

Nicht erst seit PRISM eine echte Empfehlung: Threema für eine End2End verschlüsselte Kommunikation. Wie iMessage mit offenem Protokoll – verfügbar für Android 4.0 und höher und iOS.